The story of Background starts in 2009, when Lecio set up the very first cafe to serve Specialty Coffee in Manly Beach. After successfully operating the business for 12 months Lecio decided to install a 2 Kg bench top roaster inside the shop. Soon locals realised that our cafe was serving high-quality Specialty coffee and the word spread very quickly.

Now, ten years and quite a few business ventures after, the experience Lecio and his partner Patricia gathered is not only roasting coffee with great value, but also how to make cafes profitable. Through personal experience, Lecio and Patricia have learnt that to run a business and have a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal. Its great for your well-being and great for a positively structured business.

Our mission as a company is “to support the development of real and consistent businesses, with partnership and respect. We do that by exchanging knowledge, stimulating learning and pro activity through coffee.”

Coffee is now our excuse to exchange knowledge, is our mean to connect people and develop consistent and efficient businesses.

Wholesale Coffee

f you are looking for a high quality specialty coffee within a budget that wont break your business, Backgroud Coffee might be the right choice for you.

Training & Mentoring

This is why Background coffee exists. Exchanging knowledge, learning and growing together. No matter if you are starting a business or if you just want to improve your barista skills to increase your chances to get a nice job, we have the course for you.


Our servicing department is available for installing, servicing, routine maintenance and repairs.



we walk together

We are more than just another roasting company. Background is the hub where you can find key partners for your coffee business. We not only facilitate commercial relationships, by providing you with coffee, related products and equipment, but also focus on sharing knowledge. You can count on us if you need to buy good quality coffee, if you need a new coffee machine or if you need mentoring for the next steps on your business journey. Our team is ready for it all!

we are owners

Our team members see Background Coffee as their own. That makes such a difference! We create together, we work as a team, we take action and, more importantly, we acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them. The cafes and restaurants we retail for are also part of this process. We are constantly looking for a new tool or solution to help our customers grow with us.

we love what we do

The balance between work-life and living a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle is key for us. Background makes it possible. From the true passion for coffee to the ongoing challenge of how to make small businesses become professional and relevant, our team is exercising their full potential. We are connected and engaged on developing Background Coffee as a way of achieving our own personal growth. So, what not to love about it?

Fair play above all

We acknowledge that  every person and every business is unique, and we respect each ones essence. Because of that, we managed to build a team that is true to their own values and intentions. We will say the truth, no second thoughts. For us, this is a way of respecting our customers and  ourselves. Out commitment is to seek for win-win results on every deal, even if it is non financial, because we believe that this is how long-term relationships are built.

we have background

After ten years of work and quite a few business ventures, we are proud to show the high level of on- the-job experience that we have. In this years, we built a team of experts in every area related to setting up and running a business. Now, we not only have experience with the coffee market and customer behaviour, but also on how to buy, develop and sell coffee shops after turning them into profitable efficient businesses.

we are family

Background is a family business. And we also see our team, partners and customers as family. Partnership is one of our core values, and we honour that by being available, present, working hard and celebrating our success together. We are warm and close, and we think good energy and a healthy environment is what makes the glue that sticks a business together. Because we support each other, no matter the challenge, our team will be ready to face it.

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