Roastworks’ Boots Blend (200g)


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Altitude1650m - 1850m

Boots is our signature Espresso Blend, designed for both black and milk espresso beverages. A medium roast, designed to showcase fruityness in the cup, along with refreshing acidity and good mouthfeel.

Currently, Boots is comprised of two components: a natural coffee from Kochere in Ethiopia and a wonderful bourbon from Fincal el Angel in Guatemala

The Kochere cooperative is situated just outside the small village of Chelelektu in the Yirgacheffe area, in the Gedeo zone of Southern Ethiopia. Due to the high altitude (1875-2050 MASL), and the iron-rich soil, this area is world renowned for producing high quality coffee, with bright, floral notes.

There is an estimated six to ten thousand different coffee varieties which grow wild in the highlands of the Yirgacheffe area. This abundant diversity is a contributing factor to the complexity of flavours present in the cup of Yirgacheffe coffees. The Kochere micro-region in particular is well known for being one of the best origins for fully washed Ethiopian coffees, and the coffee produced by the Kochere cooperative is hand picked by small holder farmers, and then fully washed and sun-dried.

Founded in 1974, during the first 10 years the farm consisted of only 6 hectares. Since then, El Angel farm has concentrated on cultivating and processing only the best coffee in Guatemala. The farm grew to a total of 180 hectares, of which 55 are planted with coffee trees and currently producing. The family has always kept the traditions of growing shade high-grown coffee, but focusing on improving the quality by adding rare and unique varieties and applying unique and innovative processing methods. In 2010 Finca El Angel started participating in the Cup of Excellence. Sadly, Finca El Angel coffee has not yet won, but National and International cuppers have always appreciated and acknowledged the consistency and potential of this farm.

Recommended Brewing: Espresso / Stovetop / Plunger

Roast Degree: Medium