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Coffee Beans 1kg bags - Volume discounts available

Dourado Blend is a blend made with Specialty Coffee all from Brasil, that includes 2 natural Brazil and 1 washed, yes 1 washed Brazilian from Minas Gerais, which means it is a combination of Red and Yellow Bourbon (one of the oldest varieties in Brazil) and Acaia.
This is an unique world class experience with tasting notes from milk chocolate to mild cascara flavor.
Roastworks Group is a micro coffee roasting company that owns Background Coffee. We are based on Sydney Northern Beaches and we supply specialty coffee on wholesale and retail coffee packs. Hence, we have made so much success with our blends that we are now exporting to Singapore.

Our Coffee Beans 1kg Bags are available online with three purchase options

5 x 1Kg Packs – with 10% Discount and free shipping
10 x 1Kg Packs – with 30% Discount and free shipping

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