Mythos One Coffee Grinder – Victoria Arduino

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The importance of temperature management when grinding coffee

In the Mythos One on-demand coffee grinder innovative intelligent management of the grinding chamber temperature guarantees a constant dose and thus a better quality of espresso extraction. The grinding temperature has a great impact on the constancy of the dose. The Clima Pro technology manages the temperature in the milling chamber, using a cooling system that starts automatically as soon as the sensor detects the need. It is a simple solution, but one that brings great advantages for quality extraction.

Mythos One Coffee Grinder

Technology redefines the coffee brewing process with Victoria Arduino’s revolutionary Mythos One grinder. As the leader of a new generation of coffee machinery, Victoria Arduino has carefully designed an on-demand coffee grinder never before seen in the café business.

This powerful machine can prepare up to 1000 serves of coffee per day while ensuring the highest rate of coffee quality.

Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder Product specifications:

• Dimensions: 18.8 x 51 x 40
• Weight: 25kg
• Power consumption: 800W
• Coffee bean capacity: 1.3kg
• Grinding speed: 1400 rpm
• 75mm flat grinding burrs
• On-demand grinding
• LCD display
• Cooling system
• Grind time: 15kg per hour
• 3 programmable modes
• Clump crusher system

There’s nothing better than freshly ground coffee, but on-demand coffee grinders can often fall short in speed.

With 75mm flat burrs and a 1400 rpm, the Mythos One grinder allows a constant service of coffee, maintaining efficiency without losing the flavour of your coffee. This is maintained through excellent design and superior materials, such as the titanium burrs.

Through micro adjustments and programmable modes, the Mythos One allows your café or espresso bar full control over the outcome of your grind.

Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder Warranty Details

Manufacturer’s warranty is 12 months on parts, labour, and mechanical. This excludes general wear and tear items and general servicing.

Through its ahead-of-the-time technology, Victoria Arduino has designed a grinder that exceeds all others in consistency and flavours.

The Mythos One offers a café and espresso bar standard that raises the bar in terms of coffee service. Fast, efficient grinding and above-the-bar technology set the Victoria Arduino Mythos One as the leading grinder technology.

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