Partnership is Key

We are ready to commit. Weather providing you with coffee beans and machinery supplies or helping you take a strategic decision regarding your business – we will be on your side.
Background can provide your coffee shop with the key supplies that you need to have your business up and running. And this is the way we work:

You choose from our portfolio which ones of our products suit you reality in the moment (we can help you choose if you need, of course!)

Then we deliver the product along with the appropriate training so you can use it in the best and more efficient way possible.

Your customers will love your coffee and you will love our service and support. We provide you with partnership and you keep purchasing. No need for tying you up with a long-term contract. Everybody is happy! \o/


If you are looking for a high quality specialty coffee within a budget that wont break your business, Backgroud Coffee might be the right choice for you.

With more than eight years of experience in both roasting coffee and running businesses, Lecio and Patricia have found the right balance! Not to worry: they will teach you everything you need to know to choose from our portfolio: Single-Origin CoffeeSeasonal House Blends and Organic Coffee blend packs.

If you want to discuss using our coffee at your business without any contract – just give us a call (1300 44 26 33) or fill in the page bottom form.


dark and cosy coffeehouse




Professional Coffee Machines

Your business reputation not only requires great coffee and great service it also must have consistency in flavour, and reliability and durability in your coffee machines. If you are not producing coffee that is a great taste in every cup every day then your business will suffer.

We only supply the highest quality commercial coffee machines. We have tried and tested these machines and in many cases have used them in our own cafe houses.

We also have a support team to help you with servicing, maintenance. We also have technicians to deal with unlikely instances of repair!


Like our coffee machines we only supply commercial grade grinders and for much the same reason. You need a high-quality ground coffee that is reliable and quick. You need the speed to maintain your workflow. You want a fast on demand ground coffee to produce the fresh flavour your customers will keep coming back for. You also want a grinder that will run and run!

Like our espresso machines, we have tried and tested these grinders and used them in our own cafe houses.

We also have the same support offering to help you with servicing and maintenance. We also have technicians that can come out to deal with any instances of repair!



We also provide our own branded take away coffee cups so your customers know they are drinking a quality specialty coffee from a recognised quality coffee brand. Yes, it markets our product too but it also gives your customers confidence that they are drinking a world-class coffee.

Coffee Shop Supply Service


  • Choice of espresso machine
  • Commercial coffee grinders
  • Coffee accessories
  • Our Direct Trade roasted coffee beans


  • Our branded take away cups
  • Specialty teas
  • Swiss chocolate
  • Training


We can discuss any particular requirements. And remember: you will not be asked to sign a supply contract!

Give us a call for a no obligation chat about how we can help your business